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Wig Care Instructions


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Thanks for your interest in and we'll try to help answer your questions as best we can!  If you have some additional questions not addressed here, please don't hesitate to contact us.








1.    Braid or tuck your hair and pin it up away from front, sides and nape of your head. If you choose to wear a wig cap liner, it will help to keep hair in place.
2.    Hold cap at front of forehead, place the wig on your head and position at hairline.  Pull cap back down around your head and make final adjustments.
3.    For a customized comfort fit, use the adjustable hook tabs at the back of your wig.
4.    Tuck in any stray hairs around the edges, underneath the cap.  Style as desired.





The proper care of your fiber wig or extensions will keep it looking like new. Many find it best to have a second hairpiece to use while allowing the proper time for cleaning and drying their first piece.


As you become accustomed to wearing your wig, you will learn when it is the right time to clean and maintain as per your personal preferences and lifestyle.  We recommend washing your wig or hairpiece every 6 - 8 wears.  Some clients have duplicates and wash much more frequently (2 - 3 wears), others less (up to 10 - 12 wears).  It's really up to you!


  • Step 1:  Before washing, gently remove any tangles with a wide tooth comb.  Do not tug on hair!  Use a shampoo specifically formulated to clean wigs for synthetic hair.  In a sink or basin, mix a capful of wig shampoo in cool water and immerse your hairpiece. Gently lather the hair making while making sure that the hair is traveling/moving in the same direction.  Let soak for a few minutes. Be gentle and DO NOT rub hair as this may cause tangling and compromise the integrity of the fiber.  Agitate gently and rinse in cool to luke warm water until all shampoo is removed.
  • Step 2: Refill the sink or basin with clean, cool water and add a small amount of wig conditioner for synthetic hair to the ends of the hair. Immerse the ends of the hair, making sure not to get conditioner on the cap to protect against weakening of cap construction.  Remove hairpiece and gently wide tooth comb through any tangles. Blot dry in a towel and then gently shake.  Alternatively, you may choose to use a Leave In Conditioning Spray.  Simply rinse shampoo in clean water and pat dry in a towel.  Then spray with leave in conditioner (3 - 5 pumps) keeping away from the base of the wig or hairpiece.
  • Step 3: Allow your hairpiece to air dry on a wig stand. DO NOT USE A BRUSH OR STYLE THE HAIRPIECE UNTIL IT IS COMPLETELY DRY.
    Air drying all wigs will give the best results.  Use a Detangling Spray (3 - 5 pumps) focusing on the bottom half of your wig/hairpiece/extensions then gently comb through with your wide tooth comb.  Using other combs/brushes on wet hair will cause frizzing/tangling.
  • Step 4: Once dry, style as desired.  Synthetic styles have memory and bounce back into the set style. 


DO NOT USE HEAT STYLING TOOLS to style Synthetic Fiber! (curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers)  This will cause irrepairable damage!


NOTE:  Be cautious when wearing Synthetic Fiber wigs and hairpieces when standing near a heat source! (eg: opening oven door, heaters, lighters, etc.)  Excessive heat will damage the fiber and it cannot be returned to its original smooth condition.  It will always look frizzed and damaged, which is irreversable!  No thermal heat tools may ever be used on synthetic hair fiber. 

STYLING OF SYNTHETIC HAIR FIBER:  If you find you need to re-style or alter your wig, please take it to a stylist to achieve the desired effect.  Synthetic hair is basically designed for shake and wear styling. You can clip or pin different sections if you would like a change of style, and also feel free to use styling products (wig holding sprays designed for synthetic hair), but you will most likely find that you do not have to do anything if at all.  For curly wigs, use a wide tooth comb to loosen fibers, but never pull or tug on the hair.  You can also use a steamer specifically designed for synthetic wigs to change up the look of your wig.

STORING YOUR WIGS, HAIRPIECES:  It is best to store your wig on a wig stand or styro head when not in use. Be sure to keep it in a dry, damp free and heat free environment. Your wig will remain clean and tangle free, as well as maintain the style. With hairpieces, you may simply lay flat in a damp free place again avoiding excessively hot places.








We recommend washing your human hair wig or hairpieces every 6 - 8 wears, however as per the synthetic instructions above,  you will learn to follow your instinct when it is best to wash and maintain your wig.


  • Step 1:  Before washing your human hair wig or hairpiece, gently remove any tangles using a paddle brush or wide tooth comb without tugging on the hair.
  • Step 2:  Hold wig or hairpiece under cool to luke warm running water so hair is traveling in the same direction.  Apply a small amount of shampoo designed for human hair and gently lather the hair with shampoo while making sure the hair continues to travel in the same direction.  You do not want to rub the hair, particularly in the wrong direction, as this will cause tangles.
  • Step 3:  Rinse thoroughly with cool water until it runs clear.
  • Step 4:  Apply conditioner only on hair, avoiding the base cap of wig or hairpiece.  (applying conditioner on base may weaken knots).
  • Step 5:  With fingers, work conditioner through the ends of the hair for about 3 - 5 minutes.
  • Step 6:  Rinse thoroughly in cold to luke warm water until the water runs clear.




  • Wrap wig or hairpiece in a towel and gently pat to remove excess water.
  • DO NOT use a brush to detangle your human hair wig while it is wet, gently use a wide tooth comb.
  • Let the hair completely dry, this will protect and ensure the longetity of the wig.  However, you can use a digital setting hair dryer at lower temperature settings of not more than 350 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Apply a small amount of Leave In Conditioner or Treatment Mist to the hair only (not the lace or cap), let it dry and style as you wish.


  • Human hair wigs are expensive and you want to keep it looking healthy and new for as long as possible!  Please use professional grade blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron with digital settings to ensure you are in complete control of the temperature settings.  This will extend the life of your wig.
  • Use styling products that are specifically designed for human hair.  Our favorite products are the Jon Renau Heat Treat Thermal Spray, Boho Beach Mist and Weightless Volumizing Foam.  These products create volume and texture.  To smooth out your style, we recommend the Argan Smooth Luxury Mist or Conditioner.
  • If you choose to curl your human hair wig, use the small clips designed to hold each curl in place while cooling off each section.  This will allow the hair to hold the curls much longer.  If you are looking to achieve a looser curl with a beachy boho look?  Simply let the curl hang as it cools, then gently finger style to loosen.  


We have a lot more ideas with images so you can learn how to achieve various styles on your wigs or hairpieces like Smooth & Sleek, lots of Volume, Texture or Curls, Curls, Curls!  Click here for instructions.






We love heat friendly hair!  Taking care and maintaining a Heat Defiant wig is easy to do, here are some important tips.  The general recommendation once again as per the synthetic and human hair instructions,  is best to wash every 6 - 8 wearings.
  • Step 1:  Before washing your Heat Friendly wig or hairpiece, gently remove any tangles using a paddle brush or wide tooth comb without tugging on the hair.
  • Step 2:  Hold the wig or hairpiece under cool running water and lather gently with a capful of shampoo, making sure to keep the hair travelling in the same direction.  Do not rub, as this will cause tangles and possibly damage the hair.
  • Step 3:  Rinse under cool running water.
  • Step 4:  Place in a towel and carefully blot excess water, again do not rub or be harsh.
  • Step 5:  Spray a few pumps of Leave In Conditioning Spray for wigs, ensuring you keep product away from base or cap of wig/hairpiece.
  • Step 6:  Detangle using only a wide tooth comb.

  • Let air dry for best results.  You may also use a digital controlled hair dryer at low to medium heat at maximum 350 degrees fahrenheit while using a wide tooth comb only in the process of drying.
  • Apply Heat Defiant Smooth Detangling Spray (3 - 5 pumps), focusing on the bottom of the hair (not the base or cap).  Gently comb through with wide tooth comb.

  • Heat your digital curling iron to under 320 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Using a wide tooth comb, gently detangle the hair.
  • Starting at the nape with 1.5" sections of hair, spray a small amount of Heat Treat Thermal Spray on to section to protect fiber. (1 - 2 pumps).
  • Curl the section of hair, rolling iron up toward the base of wig or hairpiece ensuring you stay approximately 1 - 2 inches away from the base.  Hold for 10 - 15 seconds.
  • Hold the released curl in your hand, gather it up to the base and pin it with small metal clip until the section is completely cooled down.
  • Comb or finger style to the desired effect.

  • Heat your digital curling iron to under 320 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Using a wide tooth comb, gently detangle the hair.
  • Start at the nape with 1.5" hair sections.
  • Spray Heat Treat Thermal Spray onto the section to protect the fiber.
  • Ensure you stay 1 - 2 inches away from the base cap of wig or hairpiece and slowly smooth flat iron down towards the end of the hair.
  • Follow behind with the wide tooth comb.
  • Allow to hang naturally until the hair has completely cooled.











Pony Falls

Reversible Pony – Choose a long pony or clip-in piece where desired for added volume, fullness and style.

1. Pull hair back into a bun or small pony.
2. Wrap the pony around your hair and clip it in.
3. Style and go!



1. Part hair as desired.
2. Clip in bangs, style and go!


Tousled Twist

1. Pull hair back into a bun.
2. Wrap the piece around the bun.
3. Style and go!



1. Place on hairline and adjust for a comfort fit.
2. Style and go!





Caring for your Human Hair Bangs


To wash your bangs, gently comb to remove tangles.  A spray-on conditioner can be used prior to washing.  Use a professional conditioning shampoo and warm water to gently work from the base to the ends.  DO NOT RUB!


Proper care will extend the life of your bangs so you may wear them for years looking brand new.  Hold the bangs at the top and rinse well.  Follow with conditioner and rinse.  Lay bangs flat on a towel and gently roll to squeeze out excess moisture.  Allow to air dry or use a hair dryer on low setting.


All thermal tools should always be used on the lowest setting to avoid scorching hair.  Steam rollers are the safest way to curl your bangs.  It is recommended that only professional stylists cut or apply colour to your bangs.  Do not bleach.