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Tape Rolls Adhesive

Tape Rolls Adhesive
Tape Rolls Adhesive
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Blue,  Red and White Tape Rolls available for both Lace and Poly adhesion.


Blue Double Sided Tape is one of the best tapes available on the market today for lace.  It is designed to provide a strong attachment for lace front wigs and/or hair systems.   Use adhesive remover to gently remove.  The tape appears blue, however, it has a clear matte finish which delivers a non-shiny effect.  The hold is strong and there is no need to use liquid adhesive, unless you choose to do so.  This will hold safely for 2 to 4 Weeks.  Built-in bacteria control, odorless and easy clean up.  Also, it lifts easily to minimize risk of lace damage. 1/2" x 3 yards.


Red Double Sided Tape  is a low residue tape which is popular for use on poly units due to its easy clean up. This clear tape provides a medium hold, which can last up to 1 to 2 Weeks. It is a very popular choice because it leaves no tape residue making it very easy to remove and clean. It can also be used as a tape base liner for stronger adhesives which dramatically reduces the clean up process. It is especially good for poly units. 3/4" x 3 yards.


White Double Sided Tape is designed for daily wear on Lace Front or Poly and known for being gentle on the skin.  Hold time can last 1 Day up to 1 Week.   This is the standard choice for most beginning hairpiece and wig wearers.  It is not as strong as Red Tape, but a great start for daily wear.  1/2" x 3 yards.

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