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Sure Grip Band

Sure Grip Comfort Liner Band is a great addition to Jon Renau's wig care collection as it provides what you need in just one product. This is worn beneath the wig to reduce the pressure on certain points and act as a cushion. It can also help to keep a wig snugly fitted if you have little or no hair to help secure the wig. It prevents soreness from such pressure points. This comes in one size and fits everyone. It can be easily worn. Just make sure that the Velcro attachment is placed on the side of the head to prevent soreness on your pressure points.


It is a hypoallergenic comfort liner designed to cushion and comfort. Perfect for sensitive scalps, the Sure Grip will relieve pressure points around your head, preventing pressure headaches caused by extended wear or improper fit, while securing your wig in place for a reliable fit. The Sure Grip is easy to clean, self-healing if punctured, and non-allergenic. The Velcro® adjustment fits up to 24" circumference.





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