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Jon Renau and Easihair Colorcharts Canada Wigs


Petite | Average | Large | Mono Top | Lace Front | Basic Cap
Short | Mid-Length | Long | Curly | Straight
Human Hair | Heat-Friendly | Synthetic







Jon Renau Color Descriptions | CanadaWig.comJon Renau ColorchartsJon Renau Colors 1 Black, 1B Soft Black, 1BRH30 Soft Black with 33% Golden Red HighlightsJon Renau Colors Brown - 4 Dark Brown, 4/33 Dark Brown & Medium Red Blended, 12/30BT Light Golden Brown & Medium Red Golden Blend with Medium Red Golden TipsJon Renau Colorchart Blondes 16/22 Light Natural Blonde & Light Ash Blend, 24B22, 24B/27C, 22MB, 22F16Jon Renau Colors Red 27MB, 28, 32F, 33 Medium Naturl Red, 130/28 Med Red & Lt Natural Red Blonde BlendJon Renau Colorchart Greys and Platinum Wig Color | www.canadawig.comJon Renau Natural Colors Renau Exclusive WigsJon Renau Shaded and Syrup Colors 12FS8 Light Golden Brown, Light Natural Golden Blonde and Pale Natural Gold-Blonde Blend shaded with Medium Brown


Jon Renau HD - Heat Defiant Colorcharts Wig Color Descriptions


Jon Renau HD Heat Defiant Colorcharts |

Arctic Collection Color Chart by Jon Renau

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