Travel Wig Case

Travel Wig Case
Brand: Wig Accessories
Product Code: acc-travelwigcase
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Price: $94.95

Modern day small size wig case created specifically for travel.  The black durable material is designed to blend in effortlessly with the rest of your luggage.  Keep your wig safe from the hazards of travel, this wig case easily holds any sized wig.

We also include a styro head with t-pins so you may quickly affix your wig on the styrofoam so it remains in place during your entire journey.  Accessories (combs/brushes) not included.


15” H. x 13” W. x 10” D.


Travel Wig Case features:


• Adjustable shoulder strap
• 2 way Zipper
• Interior accessories pocket
• Durable construction
• Easy cleaning
• Sturdy removable wig base
• Stiff side construction to protect wig
• Black color only

Usually Ships in 7 - 10 days for processing

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