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Wig Accessories

Wigs made of synthetic fiber are created with a protective coating of silicone when they leave the factory.  The silicone wears off with washing and conditioning, the environment and sunshine also play a role in making your wig look old before its time!  Simply Stylin' refreshes and revive..
STANDARD TOPGRIP Introducing the latest revolution to Milano Collection’s GripLine: The New TopGrip (patent-pending) for most small size Toppers regardless of base material. This revolutionary Topper product has all the amazing features you love about the GripLine made into a compact ve..
If you like our Wig Grip Comfort Band, you will love the Wig Grip Cap!  A soft bamboo cotton cap with a Wig Grip Comfort Band attached to protect and secure your wig or head covering. Secures your wig or head covering in place without glue, tape, or wig clips - Eliminates headac..
Fasten your wig, hat or scarf comfortably and securely without glues, tapes, clips or combs. Secures wig in place - Like A Wig Grip Eliminates headaches Prevents bald spots Adjustable - One Size Fits All For Monofilament top wigs where your skin tone shows through, choose the..
Jon Renau Headwear is produced with the finest quality fabrics, making them soft, light and comfortable for everyday use. Whether you flaunt these hats in a casual manner or dress them up, you will love the luxurious soft feel! The collection includes a variety of headcovers for every season as a tr..
Folding Wig Brush by Revlon
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Revlon's Folding Wig Brush folds in half, making it the perfect size for your handbag and it's very travel friendly!  The pointed end allows you to create your clean lines, the metal teeth to detangle human or synthetic hair, and also used to tease the root. It's the perfect wig accessory for q..
When a single packet is not enough, purchase the Wig Cap Box for bulk purchases.  Wig caps manage and hide hair, helping wigs fit better and prevents slipping.  Easily secure your hair under your wig without the use of pins.  Designed to give a comfortable fit.  Nylon caps are on..
Wig caps manage and hide hair, helping wigs fit better and prevents slipping.  Easily secure your hair under your wig without the use of pins.  Designed to give a comfortable fit.  Mesh caps are open on both ends, Nylon caps are only open on one end. Buy more, save more! ..
The Secure Softie Wig Liner by Jon Renau™ is made from Bamboo Viscose fabric with 6 silicone strips, strategically placed for extra security. Designed for complete or partial hair loss, for use under a wig. This wig liner is extremely comfortable for a nonslip fit. Available in 1 color BEIGE in thre..
The Softie Bamboo Wig Liner by Jon Renau adds comfort to your scalp with soft, 100% bamboo cotton.  It fits under your wig for protection from scalp irritation and is a great solution for sensitive scalps.  May also be worn as a sleep cap. The wig liners are one size and fit l..
The Wig Stand is a must-have for any wig wearer and is the perfect place to keep your wig when you are not wearing it or for drying purposes, after washing. Wig head stands are essential if you wear wigs because in addition to keeping your wig dry, they also help maintain the style. Storing wigs in ..
The Metal Wig Stand by Jon Renau is a sturdy wire stand that is foldable and collapsible so it's great for travelling as it packs flat to go with you, as well as great for home use.  It is the easiest way to keep your wig as shapely as if it were on your head. Save your favorite hair of being f..
The Canvas Block Head holds wigs and hair pieces in place for optimum stability when you are styling your wig.  Simply secure your hair with wig pins, also known as T-Pins.  Can be used with Synthetic or Human Hair wigs. This Canvas head has a hole on the bottom to be used in ..
The Styrofoam Head With Face holds wigs and hair pieces for added protection while not in use.  Can be secured with wig pins, also known as T-Pins for added security.  The styro head has a hole on the bottom to be used with a wig cup or clamp, which allow for styling and keep the lightweig..
Steel Wig T-Pins holds the hairpiece securely in place to a wig head allowing you to style it as desired.  Wig pins also keep your wig in place for storage. Package of 24 T-Pins x 1.75" in length...
Travel Wig Case
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Modern day small size wig case created specifically for travel.  The black durable material is designed to blend in effortlessly with the rest of your luggage.  Keep your wig safe from the hazards of travel, this wig case easily holds any sized wig.We also include a styro head with t..
Perfect for any kind of hair, wig or extensions, this wide tooth comb slides easily through hair without tangling. It’s comfortable to hold, but small enough to fit in your purse or pocket...
This Deluxe Metal Wig Clamp is a canvas and styrofoam head holder that holds the head securely in place. Constructed of metal that is easy to fasten to your vanity or bathroom counter to style your wigs with ease...
The wig clamp is a styrofoam head holder that holds the head securely in place. Constructed of durable plastic. Easy to fasten to your vanity table so you may style your wig...
The suction cup wig stand fits the styrofoam wig head snug and securely attaches to any non-porous surface to create a stable stand for your wig.  Easy to apply and remove.  Wet the inside of the suction cup with water and press down, creating a steady surface to style your wig or hairpiec..
HEADLINE IT! is the only product in the world that evaporates the sweat, instead of 'steaming' your head like the others. It is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, by letting the sweat disappear.  Stop sweat from running in to your eyes! Our high tech wicking materials pull sweat to ..
Silicone Sheets help prevent slippage of your wig against your skin. This is worn beneath the wig to reduce the movement of your wig, which helps to keep your wig snugly fitted. The Silicone Sheets are available in two sizes:  5 x 7 and 8 x 10..
Sure Grip Band Sure Grip Band
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Sure Grip Comfort Liner Band is a great addition to Jon Renau's wig care collection as it provides what you need in just one product. This is worn beneath the wig to reduce the pressure on certain points and act as a cushion. It can also help to keep a wig snugly fitted if you have little or no hair..
Jon Renau has created a customized steamer specifically for use with alternative hair systems and wigs. The nozzle allows you to direct the steam in the exact places you need it, instead of blowing steam out in all directions, as traditional clothing steamers will do. A steamer is a use..
Whether you’re attaching your wig or hair system for one day or longer, we’ve got a huge selection of hairpiece tapes in rolls, strips and contours. Used for lace with no messy residue and very good adhesion. Use White color strips and contours for Lace Front Support Clear ..
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