Dermal Mud Scalp Detoxifier

Dermal Mud Scalp Detoxifier
Dermal Mud Scalp Detoxifier
Brand: Jon Renau
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Sometimes your scalp just needs a bit more love and attention and when you are having regular cosmetic bonding procedures performed, it is even more important to take care of the skin underneath.  That’s why Dermal Mud was developed!  It is a non-invasive scalp mask that gently draw out toxins and oils from the scalp, leaving skin soft, healthy and rejuvenated.


Our Dermal Mud mask is a quick drying, effective remedy for dry, oily or otherwise poor condition skin.  This makes it ideal as a treatment for any scalp in preparation for the cosmetic bonding process.  As with all our products, we’ve put safety first, so you can be confident that the treatment will be comfortable, safe and a pleasant experience all around.


  • A Very Effective Head Mask
  • Pulls Oils and Toxins From The Scalp
  • Fast Drying
  • 8 oz. bottle

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