Wig Steamer

Wig Steamer
Wig Steamer Wig Steamer Wig Steamer Wig Steamer Wig Steamer Wig Steamer Wig Steamer
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Jon Renau has created a customized steamer specifically for use with alternative hair systems and wigs. The nozzle allows you to direct the steam in the exact places you need it, instead of blowing steam out in all directions, as traditional clothing steamers will do.


A steamer is a useful tool for any alternative hair styles when working with synthetic and/or high heat fibers. The steam allows you to change curl pattern, hair direction, partings, as well as smooth the "friction frizz" caused by wear over time. Since synthetic fibers cannot have "dry heat" applied (i.e. curling irons, flat irons, etc.) steamers give you all the styling options you may need without damaging the fiber.

110 V - 300 Watt


Tips & Tricks


-Be cautious to NEVER place your hand or arm directly in front of the nozzle or in the line of steam as this can cause serious burns


-Remember that steaming will permanently change the shape of the fiber until it is steamed again


-All fiber must cool/dry completely in order to hold the desired shape


-HD Smooth Detangling Spray works well to help soften fiber and help with tangling while steaming


-Turn off the steamer when finished and discard any unused water after each use


-Wrap cord during storage to prevent damage and ALWAYS KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN!

Usually Ships in 3 - 5 days for processing

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