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Glam it up!  Hairwraps, Buns & Updos are simple, classic and iconic.


The bun:  it's simple, classic and iconic.  And, there's no easier starting point for freshening your look.  With easiHair hairwraps, you can transform a basic bun into the tone-setter for your style in mere seconds.  Hairwraps and Hair Additions consist of fringes, curls or braids
secured to an elastic loop or comb.  Simply wrap the addition around a basic bun and go!


Glam it up by adding an array of soft curls around a polished knot, or break out of the mold with a funky frill of razor-sharp layers.  Whatever your style, you'll love the easy embellishment of hairwraps!  Shop for Buns and Updos at now.



Canada Wigs Hairwraps, Buns, Updos