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Hair Toppers - Canada Wig Solutions to Hair Loss

Hair Toppers - Canada Wig Solutions to Hair Loss - Wiglets and Monofilament Top Pieces are the perfect remedy for thinning hair by adding volume and style in an undetectable, easy clip-in solution.



Female Hair Loss Toppers Canada



View a detailed listing of toppers categorized by hair type.  Human hair, high heat fiber and synthetic toppers.



What you need to know.  First and foremost, you are NOT alone!


As it stands today, a ridiculous number of women suffer from female hair thinning and hair loss.  In North America alone, the number is nearing 50% of women.  That's almost half of all females who have noticed less volume than they had previously enjoyed in their lives.


In the UK, where the total population (men & women combined) is approximately 64 million, an estimated 8 million women have hair loss, and we know how it makes us feel as women, leading to loss of self-confidence and heightened self-consciousness.  We're expected to have this thick, crowning glory and when our hair begins to thin, we begin to lose our confidence because it's *not* supposed to happen to women.


More and more women are seeking out solutions to their hair loss, whether that hair loss is from:  Early Stages Recession, Thinning Hair due to Alopecia, Aging, Hormone Imbalances, Illnesses, Long-Term Medications and even Injuries, Surgery or Trauma, the list continues to grow.

With Alopecia alone, there are several different varieties:


  • Telogen effluvium - General shedding and thinning of the hair. It usually occurs a few months after a shock to the system, such as extreme stress, fever, childbirth, sudden weight loss, an operation or as a reaction to medication. The hair loss is usually temporary.
  • Female-pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) - Hair gradually thins, often from the top of the head. It usually gets more noticeable after menopause and tends to run in families.
  • Alopecia areata - Affects mostly teenagers and young adults. Hair loss is patchy and linked to a problem with the immune system. The hair follicles are not permanently damaged, and in many cases hair grows back in a few months.
  • Alopecia totalis - Complete loss of hair on the head. Regrowth is unlikely.
  • Alopecia universalis - Total loss of head and body hair. 



A quick look at the large number of female celebrities experiencing hair loss is enough to show us that such a minor, small minority of women compared to the rest of the population losing their hair is astonishing:


Female Celebrities with Hair Loss  |

Now, cut that number in half because only half are Female Celebrities with hair loss ( I won't even get into the number of males suffering with hair loss in Hollywood, the numbers are absolutely stunning) and you have such an infinitesimal fraction compared to Celebrities to Civilians like us.


If *this many* women in Hollywood are suffering with hair loss, it's no surprise the rest of us billion Civilians are losing our hair.  Here is a small sampling of Female Celebrities with hair loss who have been wearing either full wigs, or for the most part, they've been wearing hair toppers to conceal thinning hair over the years.  They are still sexy as anything and there's nothing wrong with thin hair, thick hair, no hair, limp hair, whatever!  I have personally been suffering with hair loss for over 25 years and I know I'm still sexy and beautiful, (the Ladies at all experience hair loss and we are all beautiful), no matter what!  However, we all wear hair everyday.  Hair toppers, wigs, ponytails, pull-thru hair, hair-additions, etc.  Hair.  Lots of it, too!


So, we're not famous yet (we're just legends in our own mind currently), but these women are hugely famous and we can relate to them on some level because we're kind of in the same boat as them.  Just maybe not as much money and fame, but we're still living in a parallel universe of female hair loss together and we all feel the same way about it!


It's also good to note that in almost every single picture, the ladies are wearing hair extensions for length & volume, as well.  We aren't concentrating on this aspect of the photos.  Our purpose is to show the thinning of the crown or all over diffused thinning, but mostly on the top of the head.


Look at Christina Hendricks, undeniably one of the sexiest women alive.  Who would have ever thought she experiences the same thing most of our clients do (and our team), but she does.



Christina Hendricks Hair Loss:

Christina Hendricks Hair Loss - Canada Wigs & Hair Toppers



Bethenny Frankel Hair Loss:

Bethenny Frankel Hair Loss - Canada Wigs & Hair Toppers



Kristin Chenoweth Hair Loss:
It was difficult to find many before pictures of Kristin because she has been wearing hair for a very long time.

Kristin Chenoweth Hair Thinning - Hair Toppers Canada Wigs



Dame Helen Mirren Hair Thinning:


Dame Helen Mirren Hair Loss Before Photos |




Helen Mirren Hairloss



Kat Von D Hair Thinning:

Kat Von D Thinning Hair Before & After



Chelsea Handler's Hair Loss:

Chelsea Handler Hair Loss



Fergie's Hair Thinning:

Fergie Duhamel -  Black Eyed Peas singer's Hair Loss and Thinning Hair



Katy Perry's Hair Loss:
So many young women are experiencing hair loss more than ever these days.  Katy almost always, always wears wigs and hairpieces today.

Katy Perry's Hair Loss - More younger women are losing their hair



Many Female Celebrities experience Hair Loss today:

Female Celebrities experiencing Hair Loss is growing!



DeeDee Pfeiffer Hair Loss:
Her sister is also wearing hair, mostly 3/4 falls in almost every picture today.

DeeDee Pfeiffer Hair Loss and Michelle Pfeiffer - Female Celebrity Hair Loss



Kathy Hilton Hair Loss:
Her daughters also have thinning hair and have been wearing toppers, bangs and other hair additions for years.

Kathy Hilton American actress, fashion designer and philanthropist suffers from hair loss





Kathy Hilton's Thinning Hair | Canada Wigs Toppers, & Hair Additions



Kristen Stewart Thinning Hair:

Kristen Stewart has been experiencing severe hair loss



And even more women with hair falling out:

So many young, female celebrities with hair loss in 2014



More and more women are wearing hair toppers and wiglets to supplement their thinning locks than ever before.  Granted, there are many more options available to us in 2014 and thankfully, they are easy to acquire and simple to use in the privacy of our own home.  We can apply them ourselves without the need for a stylist, unless we want to color or cut and style our pieces, really there's no need for anyone to know because we *can* take care of our hair loss ourselves.


Besides purchasing a hair topper or bang or any other hair addition that suits us best, we must take care of our health as well and follow good nutrition along with vitamins and minerals.  We're not doctors, but there are so many viable options available and plenty of websites dealing with this exact issue out there that a simple google search can bring up to learn more.


As always, if you need any help whatsoever please contact us.  The ladies of Canada Wig will happily help you find your perfect hair solution, from wigs to hair toppers and everything in-between.  Don't wait, you will feel so much better about yourself.  Trust us, we did and you will too.


Edited:  November 21, 2014

Viola Davis recently spoke about her hair loss and the effect it has on her.  Being vocal about her thoughts on being called “less classically beautiful,” she recently opened up about her own struggles with beauty and how she balanced her health with what society thought as beautiful.  In a recent magazine interview, Viola shared her thoughts on losing half her hair at age 28 to Alopecia areata and how she would wear a wig everywhere to feel beautiful.
Viola Davis Hair Loss Alopecia Areata



Click to view a detailed listing of toppers categorized by hair type.  Human hair, high heat fiber and synthetic toppers.