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Estetica Designs Wig Color Charts


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Estetica Designs is always experimenting with the latest trends and fashions in color, constantly updating and developing colors to bring you the most beautiful and natural looking colors.  From solid colors to highlighted tones and mixed blends, Estetica Designs' colors are guaranteed to make a statement and promises to give you the salon ready look you've come to expect.


Estetica Wig Designs Human Hair Colorchart | Toronto WigsEstetica wig color chart blondes human hairEstetica Wigs Human Hair Color Chart |

Estetica Wigs Canada Wig Color Chart Estetica Wig Design Human Hair Colors | colour charts




Estetica Designs offers the softest, most manageable natural feel with their synthetic fiber wigs.
View all of the Synthetic Wig Colors below: | Estetica | Estetica | Estetica | Estetica Wigs

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