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Estetica Designs Coffee Collection Wigs

New Coffee Collection shades by Estetica Designs have been added to a few best selling wig styles!
Rich, Bold, Dynamic!
Sit back, relax and excape into delicious, coffee inspired colors. These defining shades and blends have been meticulously handcrafted and brewed to create color combinations never before experienced.




Beautiful Coffee Inspired Color Collection - Americano, Iced Mocha, Toffee Latte and Vanilla Macchiato by Estetica Wig Designs





Estetica Wigs Coffee Collection | AMERICANO | CANADAWIG.COM

Coffee Collection:  Americano
Inspired by the bold, full-bodied flavor of an Americano, this deep brunette base echoes the rich color of espresso with swirls of creamy cool blonde and golden brown highlights.

Americano - Dark Brown Base with Medium Golden Brown, Pale Blonde and Platinum Blonde Painted Highlights


Estetica Wig Coffee Collection | ICED MOCHA | CANADAWIG.COM

Coffee Collection:  Iced Mocha
Iced Mocha's silky, smooth brown base is infused with a refreshing blend of both warm and cool blonde tones for a look that is simply decadent.

Iced Mocha - Light Chestnut Brown Base with Light Brown, Ash Blonde and Golden Blonde Painted Highlights


Estetica Coffee Wig Collection | TOFFEE LATTE | CANADAWIG.COM

Coffee Collection:  Toffee Latte
Reflecting the smooth, warmth of a latte, this delicious color's soft brown base is artfully drizzled with sweetly satisfying caramel blonde highlights.

Toffee Latte - Light Chestnut Brown Base with Painted Caramel Blonde Highlights


Estetica Coffee Wig Collection | VANILLA MACCHIATO | CANADAWIG.COM

Coffee Collection:  Vanilla Macchiato
Treat yourself to our luscious, creamy Vanilla Macchiato. This distinctive hue features layers of icy and golden blonde tones, balanced with notes of smooth light brown for a truly complex and captivating color.

Vanilla Macchiato - Light Chestnut Brown Base with Light Brown, Golden Blonde and Icey Blonde Painted Highlights