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Wig Caps

Wig Caps
Wig Caps
  • Model: acc-wigcap
  • Weight: 1.00oz

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Wig caps manage and hide hair, helping wigs fit better and prevents slipping.  Easily secure your hair under your wig without the use of pins.  Designed to give a comfortable fit.  Mesh caps are open on both ends, Nylon caps are only open on one end.


Buy more, save more!

1 piece = $4.95

2 pieces = $9.45

3 pieces = $13.45

4 pieces = $15.95  Best deal!


Want to purchase your wig caps in bulk?  See our boxed nylon wig caps one dozen per box, please click here.




Available in 3 colors:  Blonde, Brown and Black.  One size fits all.
Wig Cap Nylon Colors | | Wigs and Wig Accessories in Toronto





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