Quick Clip 3 Drama by Revlon

Quick Clip 3 Drama by Revlon
Quick Clip 3 Drama by Revlon Quick Clip 3 Drama by Revlon
Brand: Revlon
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Quick Clip 3 Drama by Revlon™ is a gorgeous 21" long length, layered ponytail synthetic hairpiece on a butterfly claw comb.  Have shiny and healthy looking hair in an instant with this easy addition.


Simply position your own hair in a bun or pony and clip on this stunning new look for added drama.  Adding texture, length or color have never been easier.  A ready-to-wear wardrobe staple.

This style has been discontinued and phased out.

Collection: Revlon Ready-to-Wear-Hair


Revlon Ready-to-Wear Hair Color Chart


Revlon Hair Care Instructions


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Revlon Color Chart: Available in 9 Colors
Revlon Dark Blonde
Approximately Attachment: 1″ x 4″ Jaw Clip - Hair Length: Approximately 20″ - 21"
Usually Ships in 7 - 10 days for processing

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